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My training and experience provide me with the awareness of psychosocial issues that impact on people, the skills necessary to assess each of my client’s unique circumstances, and the capability to develop effective goal planning.

My ability to develop successful outcomes with clients comes from my knowledge of systems – familial, cultural, social systems (academic, health, and religious), medical, employment – spheres in which all people live. In addition to direct work with clients, my sessions are complimented by training and insights gathered from reading, continuing education, and consultations.

Many of the techniques I use in my personal/life coaching applies to my business coaching. I work as a change agent in helping my clients achieve their optimum potential. Typically this involves building strategies for sustained behavioral changes, including improving their listening and communication skills, learning win-win methods of staff conflict resolution, stress and time management, and addressing feelings of burnout.

My sessions with each client are uniquely tailored to his or her specific needs and individual style of learning. My goal is to not only help each client achieve the goals mutually decided upon in our sessions, but to also identify strategies for continuing to do so following conclusion of our work together.

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“Eileen’s title, ‘Business & Life Coach’ doesn’t tell the whole story. She has an uncanny ability to uncover gems when she has worked with me and others I have recommended to her. By gems, I mean insights that many others before her have missed. Her 20 years as a psychotherapist might partially describe how she just seems to get me. The gems are only the first part, Eileen knows how to share new ways of looking at an issue that make it easy for me to make a change. It is from the change that the growth happens.


Finally, Eileen is passionate about being efficient and effective in her coaching. She gets insights quickly, shares in a way that is easy to hear and then finds very efficient ways to grow. She treats client’s time and money as if it were here own. She is always working herself out of a job which is a refreshing approach, but is also good business as I have recommended her to several others because of her great work. I love to mentor and coach others and I see Eileen as the coaches coach.”

Steve Kinney, President
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Life Coaching With Lenson

I come to the field of Life and Business Coaching with experience exceeding that of many in the field. There are countless Coaches. Yet there are few professional Life and Business Coaches with advanced degrees, who are a Board Certified Coach (BCC), who come to coaching having helped hundreds of individuals build insights, motivation, personal accomplishments, and ultimately, satisfying lives.

I recognize that in the past, you made the best decisions that you could, but that you didn’t always have the best selection of options available to you. You might have labeled those mis-steps as ‘mistakes’. I see them as opportunities to help you learn the skills required to succeed, develop the confidence to make new decisions and make changes so your goals are realistic and achieved.

I can help you eliminate self-defeating outlooks on life and provide you with more productive and satisfying options in how to think, act and feel. This will result in the opportunity to break through the roadblocks in the areas of your life being addressed.

My training and experience provide me with the awareness of psycho-social issues that impact on people, the skills necessary to assess each of my client’s unique circumstances, and the capability to develop effective goal planning.

Having taught ethics in a medical school, and sat on a hospital ethics committee, I come prepared to incorporate ethics into the problem solving process. Integrity in our values is a key factor to personal satisfaction and success in our endeavors.

Life Changes in Coaching

It is human nature to resist change. We feel comfortable with the predictability of sameness. Some people dread change because they fear losing control, being abandoned, having to assume too much responsibility, or fear of the unknown. Yet change is always occurring in our lives. It is how we deal with these changes that will ultimately determine our acceptance and personal happiness.

We can predict that changes dealing with loss will be inherently difficult. Yet, even changes in our lives that are associated with great joy, such as the birth of a new baby, a promotion, and purchasing a new home, can result in unsettled feelings.

The positive aspect of experiencing stress from life transitions is that we are more keenly aware that our lives are moving in a new direction. This increased awareness offers us the opportunity to reassess our goals, and make determinations if they are in line with our personal values.

How Do I Get Started

It’s so easy. ​Click Here to schedule an appointment. Include the dates and times that work best for you. Please note the state and time zone from which you are calling.

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The key variable for successfully transitioning through change is to face your fears. This serves to take some of the uncertainty about the unknowns away from the issue at hand, and in turn, empower you. Identify the goals you are aiming towards. This vision will help you as you gradually let go of the familiar past and move towards the untried future.

As the changes start to occur, accept that you may experience a range of feelings, including self-doubt, anger, and anxiety. These uncomfortable feelings will be temporary and can be relieved to an extent by developing a support system as you make the desired transitions. Avoid turning to drug, alcohol or food when encountering emotionally stressful feelings. Rather, make a list of reliable,

non-judgmental people you trust (family, friends, clergy, professionals, colleagues) to whom you can turn if needed. Be kind to yourself as you go through these changes. Talking about your feelings will help you remain in control and stay focused on making the changes. Some people find the act of journaling – writing their feelings and thoughts down on paper – to be helpful. Be sure to schedule in time to unwind daily.

Be fair to yourself. You are not super human. Take time to rest and relax. When you have successfully transitioned past this significant change in your life, jot down notes on what you did that made it smoother, and what steps you took that hindered the process. You will have learned a lot about yourself and coping with trying times; all skills you now possess and from which you can derive comfort next time you encounter a significant life changing event.

Is Life Coaching For Me?

It very well may be. In previous generations, the existence of the extended family provided support, encouragement and direction with career decisions, life skills, personal fulfillment, and unexpected challenges. Today’s world is vastly different. It is complex, confusing and complicated, with society being more mobile, support structures are less available. All the while, people are expected to assume more roles in life than in the past.

People are able to identify aspects of their lives that need to be changed, but often cannot successfully make these improvements or modifications on their own.

Life coaching is for you if you find yourself wanting to learn improved communication skills, reduce stress and disorganization, improve life-balance, or gain new skills or knowledge that will help in meeting personal or professional goals.

Many people I have worked with in the past have tried repeatedly to make the desired changes on their own, but reverted back to their old, more familiar ways of doing things in a short period of time. My work as a qualified Life Coach is to keep you focused on your goals and accountable for your actions or in-actions. If your attempts to achieve new goals continue to fail, much like last year’s abandoned New Year’s Resolutions, and if you want to close the gap between where you are now and where you strive to be, then yes, it is time to invest in yourself by working with me as your Life Coach.

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