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Need A Speaker?


Eileen provides on-site talks tailored for businesses, public or private organizations interested in a speaker. She is also available for seminars, retreats, conferences, and workshops. Contact Eileen Lenson for speaking engagements and interviews.


Eileen motivates, educates, and inspires participants at her speaking engagements. She provides tools on how to navigate setbacks and disappointments in a way to which people can easily relate. People attending her presentations walk away with a better understanding of issues, and gain a better awareness of how they can feel empowered and live a more happy and fulfilling life.


Call Eileen at +1 (949) 244-5100 to schedule a presentation customized for your specific needs.


TOPICS for talks and seminars include:

  • Assertiveness: How To Say No

  • Co-Dependency

  • College: Preparing For Your Child To Leave The Family Home

  • College: How to Relate To Your Freshman

  • Communication Skills: How To Fight Fair

  • Emotional Aspects Of Divorce

  • Empty Nesting

  • Gratitude In The Workplace

  • Grief: The Tears And Fears of Loss

  • Holidays: How To Survive The Stress, Warfare, And Loss

  • Improving Family Communication

  • Indicators Of A Troubled Child

  • Loving Your Child Effectively

  • Marriage: No Exit Decision

  • Overindulgence In Parenting

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Professional Stress – When It Happens At Work

  • Self-Esteem: Learning to Believe In Yourself And Others

  • Social Skill Building in Adolescents

  • Step-Parenting – Not For The Timid Or Weak At Heart

  • Stress VS Relaxation

  • Sudden Death – Common Reactions Of Individuals And Families

  • When Your Pet Dies

  • Women Who Love Too Much

  • Your Adolescent: Survival Techniques For Parents

Workshops & Seminars

The purpose of Eileen’s workshops and seminars is to provide new ideas and attainable goals in areas of interest to her clients. They vary in length from brown bag presentations designed to take place in the workplace during the lunch hour, to a series of three 1-1/2 hour sessions, to half and full day programs. Longer sessions allow for greater interaction and participation in exercises designed to enhance the mastering of new skills.


Each speaking engagement is uniquely created to accommodate the specific needs and goals of the client. 


Brochures From Various Speaking Engagements

Audio Samples From Past Speaking Engagements

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Overcoming Adversity
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